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Sales support centers

Sales support centers and demo locations.

Terra-Vac England is a leading supplier and manufacturer of manure suction machine and manure sweepers in Europe and beyond.

Terra-Vac Europe is active in Western Europe and wants to expand the number of sales support points and demo locations, mainly in the Benelux, France and Germany.

How to realize that?
We would like to get in touch with horse owners who receive a discount for their investment in Terra-Vac machines in the combination of manure sweeping and manure suction.
On the left photo below you see the sweeper model Sweeper, next to it the suction machine model Colt 20, both machines have a storage capacity of 2m3.


And if you, as the owner of two Terra-Vac machines, are willing to act as a reference and to give a demo now and then, we will honor that with a 5% commission.
So if you invest in that combination of sweeper and suction machine and also want to act as a reference for Terra-Vac, this results in an interesting total discount on your investment.
You will also receive an interesting commission for subsequent sales through your involvement.

Are you interested?
Send us a message via the contact page on the website and we will respond immediately.

U wil graag een demo van onze

Paardenmest en Groenonderhoud Machines?

Vul onderstaand aanvraagformulier in en wij nemen zo spoedig mogelijk contact met u op om een afspraak te maken in één van onze demo-locaties.