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Cleaning horse stables


A good number of horse farmers work with a shovel or loader and drive through all the boxes at once to remove the manure, usually once a week. A smaller group of horse farmers remove the manure from the boxes on average three times a week via the manure and a wheelbarrow.

But working with a shovel costs a lot of hay and straw and that is not necessary if you specifically remove the manure box after box. You better choose for a Terra-Vac suction machine to take the manure away every one or two days.; it is more effective with the four-meter wanderhose to take the manure directly from the box.

Working with a Terra-Vac makes that worm formation is greatly reduced to half through the strong suction of the Terra-Vac.

Working with a Terra-Vac reduces the number of worm cures and that saves you a lot of money, so that the payback time of a Terra-Vac is three to five years, depending on the size of the machine.

Working with a Terra-Vac contributes to a significant improvement in the health of the horses. 

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