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Green maintenance of parks

Terra-Vac UK is based in Suffolk England and has been producing large landscaping machines for nearly 40 years. Our machine program is a welcome addition to the machines and equipment offered by our fellow suppliers for large green maintenance.

The Terra-Vac green maintenance supply program consists of 33 different machines and supplements, divided into four models:
- mobile suction units model Ferret, with or without tipping trailer
- compact suction machines model Colt with one or two m3. storage capacity
- medium and large suction machines model Stud - sweepers from compact to large

Het leveringsprogramma voor groenonderhoud van Terra-Vac bestaat uit 33 verschillende machines en supplementen, verdeeld over vier modellen:
– mobiele zuigunits model Ferret, al dan niet met kiepaanhanger
– compacte zuigmachines model Colt met één of twee m3. opslagcapaciteit
– middelgrote en grote zuigmachines model Stud
– veegmachines van compact tot groot

The Terra-Vac machines can be widely used for:

- professional leaf clearing of infrastructure, horse farms, public green areas and more
- sweeping or vacuuming recreation parks, play courts and more
- maintaining sports fields with turf or artificial grass
- sweeping or vacuuming playgrounds, car parks and more
- maintenance of cemeteries, asphalt, roadsides, cycle paths, nature reserves, wildlife viaducts and more ...

The Terra-Vac suction machines have a very powerful suction and do not need brushes to vacuum dirt from any surface. This keeps your investment costs low compared to other techniques. Our machines are made to order, we hardly keep any machines in stock, and the delivery time is three to four weeks. Terra-Vac has been making these machines for almost 40 years and are known as machines with a very long lifespan and minimal maintenance.

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