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What we do

With Terra-Vac machines, manure removal and site maintenance will be a lot easier and more efficient.


Terra-Vac machines can be used for: 

the removal of manure from your stables, boxes or meadows, including the removal of small litter such as leaves, dead grasses and mosses.

keeping the courtyard, the parking and the work floors in the stables clean by suction machines, whether or not in combination with our sweeping and suction accessories, of which the sweeping suction scope is the most commonly used accessory.

a sweeping machine is usually used for just pasture manure removal, and for compact manure removal a compact or larger suction machine is usually chosen.

Terra-Vac Europe has selling points and demo locations in various western European countries, including Sweden and Denmark. Our satisfied customers are your best guarantee for the optimum functioning of the Terra-Vac machines.

Terra-Vac UK since 1980 

The Terra-Vac machines are produced manually since 1980 at the factory in Suffolk England. Terra-Vac UK does not keep machines in stock and customization is our standard.

meadow management 

Good meadow management

The maintenance of your domain requires a lot of time and effort. We are happy to advise you on optimum meadow maintenance, in which the Terra-Vac machines play an important role.

Fight against worm formation.

To guarantee the safety, good performance and optimum health of your horses, the maintenance of indoor and outdoor tubs, stables, meadows, racetracks and paddocks is crucial. Our machines help you fight worm formation by largely removing manure with worm eggs. Maintaining your pastures with Terra-Vac machines reduces the risk of worm formation. With our machines you choose an animal-friendly and healthy approach that benefits the well-being of your horses. With the Terra-Vac machines in your pasture, you are guaranteed to make all your horses happy!

Terra-Vac, a smart investment 

The purchase of one of our machines is an investment that you will earn back quickly. The money you save on deworming your horses means that you have earned back the investment in your machine in three to five years!


the Terra-Vac machines have a long life and require minimal maintenance.

the use of a Terra-Vac manure removal machine guarantees that your horses will be exposed much less to the dangers of worm formation.

Terra-Vac is the machine that was missing so far!

Therefore choose Terra-Vac optimum ease of use,

and so go for a Terra-Vac!

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