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Paddock Cleaners & Sweepers

Terra Vac Paddock Cleaning for a clean horse stable and meadow. 


Paddock clean dream machine, one of the many synonyms for the Terra-Vac manure removal machines. Removing manure from the horse paddock, stable and pasture every day is important for the health of your horses. By using our machines, this job is done in no time. The paddock piston and sweeping machines from Terra-Vac are known for their robust quality and functionalities. Terra-Vac machines are available in four models and the storage capacity varies from 1 to 7 m³ for the largest Sweeper meadow sweeper.


Watch the video below and be convinced. 

The paddock cleaners from Terra Vac 

Who are we? 

Are you looking for machines that remove paddock manure, clean your horse stable or a meadow cleaner? Then you have come to the right place. Terra-Vac Europe is your specialist in paddock cleaning and site maintenance.

Our machines offer you a clean environment for your horse while you save on heavy manual labor. With this mechanization you will see the number of worm treatments on your horses drastically decrease, saving you a lot of money. We strive for the best result:

  • a healthy and vital grass cover
  • a cleaner yard, cleaner stables and boxes
  • healthier horses.

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from our paddock cleaner for manure intake.

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