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The Terra-Vac accessories

Manure collector for rapid manure removal from horse boxes and paddocks. 

Terra-Vac launches a manure collector specially designed for horse boxes and (sand) paddocks.

You throw the manure on the base plate of the manure collector and from where the manure is sucked in by the machine. The chance that the manure falls next to the collector is minimal because this useful accessory is 90 cm wide, 60 cm deep and 35 cm. high!


Working with a manure collector has considerable advantages:

  • This manure collector ensures super fast and efficient manure removal from boxes and paddocks.
  • Less physical effort is required from you.
  • Manure can also be collected in a sand paddock by means of this manure collector.

In addition, the manure collector can easily be replaced by a nozzle or by-pass hose via a quick coupling. So you can easily switch between the different functions. 

The sweeping and suction combination for rapid manure removal from hard surfaces. 

Terra-Vac has developed a sweeping and suction scope that sucks the manure into the machine while sweeping. This accessory is particularly suitable for the removal of stubborn manure on farms, car parks and similar surfaces.


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