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cleaners & sweepers for manure removal

Mobile suction cleaner: Ferret CS 14 and CS 18 

The Ferret CS 14 has a powerful gasoline engine of 14hp and is equipped with a hand suction hose of 4m long and 20 cm in diameter. The Ferret CS 18 is equipped with the same hand suction hose but is driven by the PTO of the tractor. Both mobile suction units can be expanded with a double hose and suction scoop in the suspension frame. Useful for both suction units is a tipping trailer in which you can collect the manure.

Cleaner: Terra-Vac Colt, compact horse paddock cleaner 

Model Colt 05 is the smallest suction machine and is the solution for those who keep a limited number of horses. This Colt 05 has a storage capacity of 500 liters. If you have more horses, the Colt 10 and 20 models are your best choice. These are compact suction machines with PTO drive and a storage capacity of 1 m3 or 2 m3. If you want to tow these machines with a quad, Jeep 4WD or sturdy lawn mower, these models are also available with a gasoline or diesel engine (at extra cost). Loose leaves, dead grass, pastures and pasture are effortlessly sucked up and ground by the rotor. The Colt with PTO drive can be towed by a compact tractor from 25hp.

Cleaner: Terra-Vac Stud, barn and meadow manure removal 

For more than 30 horses and various pastures, we recommend that you invest in a Stud 29, 40 or 50 with a storage capacity of 2.9 m³, 4 m³ or 5 m³ respectively.

These models come standard with:

  • rotor housing with a diameter of 40 cm or 50 cm
  • 4 m hand suction hose with a diameter of 20 or 30cm
  • frame with a height-adjustable scoop of 60 cm wide
  • the scoop of the Stud 40 or 50 can be supplied with a suction hose of 20 or 30 cm in diameter

Terra-Vac Sweeper: sweeper for cleaning up horse manure 

If you only want to use the Terra-Vac machine for manure removal from meadows, then this Sweeper model is ideal as a meadow cleaner.

You can choose from four different models:

  • the basic Sweeper 20 model with a working width of 110 cm and 2 m³ storage capacity,
  • the Sweeper 35 model with a working width of 140 cm and 3½ m³ storage capacity
  • the Sweeper 45 model with a working width of 180 cm and 4½ m³ storage capacity
  • the largest Sweeper 70 model with a working width of 180 cm and 7 m³ storage capacity

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